Daily Filming

Gracepoint Series will not be providing anymore Gracepoint filming updates on the day of filming due to issues that have arisen on set. We want to protect both the cast and crew, who have been working so hard to deliver an amazing show for us this Fall. Gracepoint Series will continue to provide all the news on the show as well as on the people that are involved. Please follow our Facebook page for daily updates on Gracepoint.

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  • Dayna

    The new layout is great!

  • Beth

    Does anyone know where David Tennant will be filming tomorrow?

    • gracepointseries

      Most filming is to be done at the Gracepoint Police Station in Sidney this week.

      • Beth

        Thank you! :D

  • gelli

    Thanks for bringing this site up to date!

    • gracepointseries

      No problem, have been under the weather.

  • Curious

    Will Mr Nolte be out in Oak Bay again anytime soon? Thanks!

  • gelli

    Has this site gone back into Hiatus again? I suppose I was expecting it to be a place where I would be able to find out in advance of where the filming will be taking place.

    • gracepointseries

      Sorry Gelli, we are just a few people working on this page. We are waiting to hear back about today’s filming.

  • Dayna Jones Oak

    Do we know where they will be on Friday

  • http://www.rgrealy.com Ryan

    anyone know if a local company is doing all the sign work for the production?

  • TJac

    Any idea when/where Mr. Tennant is filming this week?

  • gelli

    I don’t know about just a ‘few people working on this site’ there doesn’t seem to be anyone working here any more.

    • BMRock10

      hey gelli, the Gracepoint fb does filming updates as well if you want to stay updated

      • gelli

        Thanks for that! I had searched there before but just got some churches. I do have a few other links, but though they aren’t as bad as this one, they are all a little dated. It would be nice to know that if we are going downtown tomorrow, we could see a little of the filming. Thanks again!

        • BMRock10

          Glad you found it! If you get any photos of filming share them with the GP Fb page! Would love to see what’s happening!

  • gelli

    We drove to Sidney today and stopped off at Trinity Church in North Saanich to watch some of the filming. We did see them do a couple of scenes with DT and Anna Gunn.

    Between takes, he was walking around with a short, golden down jacket over his long black coat. It made it look like he had a black skirt and black tights on! No Hollywood vanities there, Good for him!
    I don’t know why he was so cold though, we are nowhere near as cold as his native Scotland.

    • BMRock10

      That’s great you got to see some filming! Any pics?

      • gelli

        Yes we put a few on the GP FB page.

        • BMRock10

          I don’t see any? I’m looking at the one run by this site. https://www.facebook.com/gracepointseries

          • gelli

            When you do a FB search for GP you get two hits, one with 166 likes, which is the one you linked to and this one.https://www.facebook.com/Gracepointfans this is where my pics are. ‘Your’ site though seems to be more up to date and it’s saying they are filming just down the road from me, so maybe I’ll check it out.

  • https://www.facebook.com/EverythingOldCanada Everything Old Canada

    Warm hello from Sidney/North Saanich!

    You were filming just down the road from us at the church and someone said we should let you know about our little farmhouse shop…. yes, we live here too:)

    Our Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/EverythingOldCanada

    We’d love to see if we can serve you for prop rentals or other things, but if not, please do stop in for a visit anyway:)

    Andrew & Amber

  • Anika

    Does anyone know whether David is filming this Thursday, Friday, or Saturday?